1. Business listing on Aylmer and Area Chamber of Commerce website

2. Links to business web site from Membership directory page

3. Local and regional distribution of business listings

4. Regular e-newsletter correspondence

5. Newsletter advertising opportunities

6. Website advertising opportunities

7. Co-operative local and regional publication advertising

8. Business referral through Aylmer Area Tourist Information Centre

9. Member to member referrals

10. AACC business referrals

11. Ability to participate in local advocacy groups and committees

12. Member emailing opportunity for promotional and business updates through e-newsletter

13. Business development, educational and promotional workshops

14. Special event email notices and information

15. Advocacy with municipal government action

16. Access to monthly networking social luncheons

17. Member Referral Network

18. Group Insurance/medical benefits-Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan

19. Annual & Semi-Annual Mayor’s Breakfast

20. Annual General Meeting

21. Special membership rates for workshops and courses

22. Unified voice through a respected organization

23. Business support from respected committee and membership panel

24. Being a member with a group of people who are committed to the prosperity of the area

25. Dedication to community improvement

26.  Opportunity to contribute articles and business profiles to monthly Regional Business Publication

27.  Downtown Sign Listing for visitors and residents to the Town of Aylmer